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CN Update
November 2018
November the team at ICN Head Quarters have been working on finalizing all our reports and papers for the
upcoming Executive Committee and Board meetings in India in early December. Early in the month I had
the opportunity to meet with the President of the Canadian Nurses Association Dr Claire Betker, in her home
town of Winnipeg. We visited the Human Rights Museum and had discussions about some of the challenges
Indigenous nurses and nurses working with Aboriginal communities in Canada were facing. I then went to New
York to meet with Dr Holly Shaw, who represents ICN at the United Nations in New York. It was a pleasure to
attend the Irish Mission to the UN to hear about the lessons learnt from the Ebola Outbreak in 2014-15 and
their relevance to today’s outbreak.
Later in the month, I visited the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Union in Kampala and was able to spend time
with their new leadership team, President Justus Cherop Kplangat, Treasurer Annet Birungi and their Acting
General Secretary Judith Kyarisiima. I was able to bring our collective kind wishes at the recent loss of their
General Secretary. Whilst in Africa I took the opportunity to attended the 67th meeting of the East, Central
and Southern Africa Health Community Ministers This was an extremely important meeting which resulted
in several resolutions on topics including: Linking Health Workforce to Labour Market Outcomes; Priority
Setting and Health Benefits Packaging; Governance and Equity-oriented Policies for Urban Health; Creating
Sustainable Food Systems to Address Malnutrition; and Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance in the Region. Our
ICN project on Health Workforce analysis, in partnership with Jhpiego and the World Bank, was presented
by Dr Judith Shamian at the conference and I hope that the information we are helping to gather on Africa’s
nurses and midwives will help to strengthen nursing and midwifery in the region.
In early December, I will speak at the International Conference of Indonesian National Nurses Association on
“Quality Improvement of Nursing Services: Issues and Strategies”.
These have been great opportunities for me to meet our members and understand their needs to a greater
degree. I look forward to meeting more of you as the opportunities arise.
Isabelle Skinner,
CEO News
ICN Update
November 2018
2 International Council of Nurses I ICN Update 11/18
Staff News
Ms Emilie David has joined the Communications and Events team as administrative assistant.
Governance and Membership News
The Governance team’s main focus for the month of November has been in preparation for the upcoming Board
meeting, assisting its Committees, and in the documentation for CNR 2019 proceedings. on the 29th November
– 1st December 2018 in New Delhi, India. Following the Indian Nursing Council Conference, the ICN Board
members will gather for the biannual Board Meeting 2018. There will be three full days of Committee Meetings
and Board meetings, where the current work of the organisation will be assessed, and the preparations for the
2019 CNR and Congress in Singapore will be deliberated upon.
We thank the Swiss Nurses Association, the Danish Nurses’ Organization, the Irish Nurses and Midwives
Organisation and the Japanese Nursing Association for participating in our “ICN Regions and Size of the
Board” Consultation. We invite you to consult their feedback, which is available in our website under “NNA’s
Consultation". During the December Board meeting, the “ICN Regions and Size of the Board” will be deliberated
upon by the Board members with consideration of all of the feedbacks received from the NNAs.
During the month our Governance team has supported the work of the Congress and Conference Committee, the
Constitutional Committee, the Interim Audit and Risk Committee the Awards Committees and the Membership
Committee, as well as the Executive Committee and the Board.
Communications, Media, Publications and Advocacy News
Social Media
This month, our Twitter account gained 295 new followers, garnered 65k impressions and 1,7k visits. Our
audience showed particular interest in our new International Nurses Day logo, the tweet unveiling it was seen
by over 9,000 users and garnered engagement from over 300 users. Following close by is the Antimicrobial
Resistance campaign ICN supported which was a big hit with an average of 8,000 views on each posts.
ICN’s Facebook account welcomed 600 new followers this month and our posts reached 68, 753 people in this
period. Our social media channels are a great way to keep up to date with ICN’s day-to-day work, you’ll find
current affairs, know at which high-level meetings ICN is representing you, access the latest publications and
campaign news.
Don’t forget to visit our website regularly for more in-depth information and to access full libraries of free
downloadable resources. We have focused this month’s work mainly on the members’ area with an overall
update of the documents you’ll find useful. There are many new additions to come and a design improvement
currently in the works to facilitate browsing of that section.
ICN Update
November 2018
3 International Council of Nurses I ICN Update 11/18
ICN in the News
• Nursing Times - An article about our DR-TB Side Effects Guide by using our press release very heavily.
• Astana Times - Howard has been featured in the summary of the Astana Times of the WHO PHC
Conference held in Astana at the end of Oct.
• Nurse24.it - Howard’s interview has been posted on the website of Nurse24.it.
• In the article ICN has been quoted by the General Secretary of INMO. She cited research by the ICN
which concluded that pay was a significant factor influencing recruitment and retention, and that shortterm
decision making in relation to pay appeared to be self-defeating.
Campaign News
Later this month, you will receive the electronic and hard copies of the International Nurses Day 2019 posters!
Under the theme, Nurses: A Voice to Lead Health for All, the 2019 campaign is underway and we are
working hard to produce some amazing resources for you to use next year. Please don’t forget to send us the
translation of the logo and posters in your language so we can produce versions for you.
Antimicrobial Resistance Week took place 13 to 19 November. As AMR is one of ICN key strategic priority
areas, ICN took the opportunity to promote the nursing role in the education of the public in this area.
Nursing Policy News
ICN attended the General Meeting of the WHO Global Coordination Mechanism on the Prevention and
Control of Noncommunicable Diseases (GCM/NCD) held in Geneva, on 5 and 6 November 2018. The
purpose of this meeting was to bring together GCM/NCD Participants representing Governments, the United
Nations system, and non-State actors with the aim to cooperate at the local, national, regional and global levels
to meet the NCD targets of the WHO Global NCD Action Plan and the NCD (SDG3.4) and the NCD-related
targets of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
ICN also supports the NCD Knowledge and Action Portal (KAP) which will be a highly interactive web
application and will provide a central focal point for all existing GCM Participants, relevant stakeholders and
individual health professionals to collaboratively engage on the NCD agenda, with a particular focus on the
GCM/NCD functions and activities. The KAP will be launched shortly.
Howard Catton and Alessandro Stievano attended an important meeting of Italian nurse directors at San
Marino. The different efforts taken by ICN to educate nursing leadership worldwide were highlighted. The XXIV
Italian National Congress conference, titled “The transformational leadership and the challenge of an everchanging
world”, gathered more than 200 nurse directors from all over Italy. The ICN programmes, Leadership
for Change and the Global Nursing Leadership Institute (GNLI), were given as examples of programmes that
spearhead the education of nurse leaders around the globe. The role of the Nursing Now campaign in many
countries was also stressed. Interviews on the role of nursing leadership and the role of ICN were made and
can be viewed here.
ICN was invited by WHO Euro to join a mission to Poland on Optimizing the Role of Nurses in New Integrated
Primary Care Pilot Programme. The Polish Government has requested support from WHO to assess their
current primary healthcare system and make recommendations for how to optimize the capacity of integrated
health services in engaging nurses and midwives in Poland. The mission team includes HR and health systems
experts as well as medical and nursing advisers. The report of the mission team will also be considered by
WHO for use with other Eastern European countries. ICN have advised our Association in Poland of the
mission and they are supportive of ICN’s involvement.
ICN Update
November 2018
4 International Council of Nurses I ICN Update 11/18
Programme News
ICN would like to welcome to the new President and Executive Committee (ExCo) members of the Lesotho
Organisational Development Project who were recently elected at the beginning of the month. In addition, the
Lesotho Nurses Association (LNA) has evolved into the Lesotho Nursing and Midwifery Organization (LeNMO).
• President: Mpho Shelile
• Vice President: Pitikoe Monoto
• SG: Monica Makhozonke
• Vice President: Ntlhane Sehloho
• Treasurer: Nts’upi Mpholle (re-elected)
• ExCo Members: Mateboho Thatho, Sebolao Sebolao, and Cecilia Khechane
ICN and Vårdförbundet representatives attended meetings and workshops in Lesotho at the end of November
for the continuation of the project.
The ICN TB/MDR-TB Project sponsored eight nurses to attend the Union’s 49th World Conference on Lung
Health in The Hague, the Netherlands from 23 – 27 October. There were two nurses from Russia (RNA), five
from China (CNA), and one from Malawi (NONM). All nurses presented abstracts and two abstracts (one
from China and one from Malawi) were selected for mention during the rapporteur session at the end of the
conference. The Dutch TB Nurses Association in collaboration with KNCV sponsored a special TB nursing
from around the world side session during the conference attended by 130 nurses from 30 countries including
a nurse from Zambia (ZUNO) who was sponsored by the Dutch TB Nurses Association to present during the
session. Dr Carrie Tudor, ICN TB Project Director was invited to chair the event.
The TB/MDR-TB Project launched new Nursing guide for managing side effects to drug-resistant TB
treatment on 24 October during the conference. The guide has been well received and Dr Carrie Tudor was
able to share the guide with many national TB programme managers and discussed sharing of the document.
Discussions were held with RESIST TB and the Union’s Nurses and Allied Professionals sub-section to hold
a joint webinar on the guide with doctors and nurses later this year or January 2019. Dr Tudor has also been
requested by DR-TB STAT (a Stop TB Partnership Working Group) to present the guide to their group in
On 15 November the Russian Nurses Association (RNA) held a TB nurse symposium in St Petersburg, Russia
in conjunction with the Russian National Association of TB Specialists annual conference. The event was
attended by more than 100 nurses from all across Russia and several nurses presented on their work and
research. Ms Tatiana Fedotkina the Chief Nurse of the Tomsk TB Dispensary in Tomsk, Russia was the first
nurse to be invited to present during the conference plenary session on 16 November. Dr Yablonskii who is the
president of the National Association of TB Specialists presented Valentina Sarkisova, RNA president with an
award and special mention during a gala dinner on 16 November to highlight the work of the RNA in supporting
Russian nurses working in TB. Several nurses presented posters on their research at the conference.
Prof Nick Hardiker represented ICN, as one of a number of recognised NGOs, including SNOMED International,
at the WHO Family of International Classifications (WHO-FIC) Network Annual Meeting, which was held
in Seoul, Korea 22-27 October 2018. Prof Hardiker attended Council meeting and the Reference Groups
meetings, focusing particularly on the Family Development Committee (for items pertaining to ICNP and the
International Classification of Health Interventions), the Informatics and Terminology Committee (for items
pertaining to mapping) and the Functioning and Disability Reference Group and the Morbidity Reference
Group (ICN maintains a watching brief on the International Classification of Functioning and the International
Classification of Diseases). Prof Hardiker volunteered to join, on behalf of ICN, the FDC’s Primary Care Task
Force (Primary Care is seen as key to the delivery of Universal Health Coverage). The group has previously
ICN Update
November 2018
International Council of Nurses I ICN Update 11/18
focused almost exclusively on disease diagnosis by family physicians. Dr Hardiker successfully argued that
Primary Care extended well beyond Family Medicine, indeed in many settings Primary Care does not involve
physicians at all. Dr Hardiker volunteered to join, on behalf of ICN, the ITC’s mapping sub-committee to contribute
the learning from previous rounds of mapping from ICNP into ICHI.
An agreement has been put in place with a consultant, Mr Paul Wilson, to support the current review of ICNP.
Mr Wilson has experience in a number of sectors including health, and is a highly experienced strategic
technology and data advisor who specialised in assisting organisations realise the potential of their technology
and data assets. Consultancy agreements have been signed with the University of Huddersfield to continue
the engagement of Prof Nick Hardiker as the ICNP Programme Director, and with Dr Amy Amherdt as the ICNP
Programme administrative assistant. Distribution agreements have been signed with Cross TX in the US and
ASSECO in Poland, and the ICN website has been updated for ICNP.
A member survey as part of the current ICNP review has been completed with 51 countries responding, and of
these 18 are currently using ICNP. Follow up interviews have been carried out with 11 countries and a report
will be provided to the board when they meet in December. Early analysis highlights the importance of ICNP to
our membership.
The Code of Ethics Review is well underway being led by Dr Alessandro Stievano. We thanks all of our nurse
ethicists for their involvement to date.
Events News
Progress on the 2019 ICN Congress in Singapore is underway with the abstract system now closed (4,632
abstracts submitted), the review process underway and registration open. The preliminary programme is on line
and invitations have been sent to a number of speakers, the majority of whom have accepted.
We are excited to announce that there will be a special exhibition at Congress for ICN’s 120th anniversary
exhibition. We hope you will all be present to have a look at our history.
Please make sure you register for the Congress.
The College of Nursing Hong Kong (CNHK) and ICN co-hosted the 19th Asia Workforce Forum (AWFF). The
event was held at the College of Nursing Hong Kong (CNHK) on November 15 to 16 November 2018. Eleven
national nursing associations participated at the forum and discussed current challenging workforce issues as
retention of nurses, PHC and UHC and the nursing workforce. The associations will be releasing a Communique
in early December which will be shared with you all.
Partnership News
ICN has joined the Women Deliver Call to Action to Prioritise Diabetes in Pregnancy to Save Lives, Improve
Maternal Health, and Curb Intergenerational Transmission of NCDs. Diabetes in pregnancy is an underrecognized,
under-prioritized health issue with significant implications for women, newborns, and children
throughout their lives. The campaign has already received nearly 100 signatures from civil society, the private
sector, the medical profession, and academia. But we know that in order for this call to truly make the intended
impact it needs the support of key stakeholders. Please take a moment to read the call to action here.
ICN Update
November 2018
International Council of Nurses I ICN Update 11/18
• On the occasion of the Nursing Now Launch in Korea, President Kennedy and Howard Catton visited
the country and had important meetings with the Minister of Health and Welfare and the Korean Nursing
Association. ICN reiterated its cooperation on One-Million Signature Campaign for the nomination of
Marianne and Margaritha for the Nobel Peace Prize. President Kennedy delivered a lecture on nursing
leadership to an assembly of young nurses and nursing students. Howard Catton also delivered a
presentation on Global Health Policy; Challenges and Opportunities for the Nursing Workforce. ICN
attended the biggest Nursing Now ceremony in the world to date with over 5000 nurses attending and 50
Politicians from the National Assembly.
• Annette Kennedy spoke at the Women Leaders in Global Health conference in London on 7-8 November
on the topic “What does leadership in global health mean?”
• Board member, Fatima Al-Rifai represented ICN at the 3rd Gulf Congress of Clinical Microbiology and
Infectious Diseases, speaking on ICN’s role as related to Infection Prevention and Control.
• Annette Kennedy attended the 4th World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) in Doha, Qatar on
13-14 November where a report was launched on Nursing and Midwifery: The Key to the Rapid and
Cost-Effective Expansion of High-Quality Universal Health Coverage. The report received special
appreciation from Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director General, who said in the foreword
to the report: “Nurses and midwives are at the heart of progress toward Universal Health Coverage and
the Sustainable Development Goals. They are not only essential for delivering health services; their
experience and knowledge are also valuable assets in shaping health policy, and their voices deserve to
be heard at the policymaking table.”
The report revealed that those surveyed were open to an increase in nurse-led services. More than twothirds
of respondents said it did not matter whether a doctor or a nurse treats them for non-life-threatening
conditions, as long as they had the appropriate standards of education, training, skills, and experience; and
more than 80% saw nurses and doctors as equally valuable members of the healthcare team. The report
was co-authored by Lord Nigel Crisp, Co-Chair of Nursing Now, Professor Sharon Brownie, Dean of the
School of Nursing at The Aga Khan University, with support from Dr Charlotte Refsum, Lead for Evidence
and Research, Nursing Now and Global Healthcare Clinical Manager, KPMG. As part of its commitment
to empower nurses in Qatar, WISH will support a ‘Nursing Now’ leadership training programme for Qatari
• Coming up in December, Annette Kennedy will speak on “The role of the ICN in establishing nurses as
global leaders” at the World Congress of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Health in Dubai.
Members' News
The Japanese Nurses Association has published “Occupational health and safety Guidelines for nurses towards
healthy Workplaces, replacing those from 2004. To promote the Guidelines, the JNA conducted on-demand
online seminars targeted at nurse administrator, in addition to opening a special website in Japanese on the
occupational safety and health of nurses, implementing seminars and making campaign posters as part of its
nationwide campaign. More information from the JNA can be found on the members area of the ICN website.
Please send us your news so we can share it online and in the ICN Update!
ICN Update
November 2018
International Council of Nurses I ICN Update 11/18
Specialist Affiliate Member News
The Council of International Neonatal Nurses will be holding its 2019 Conference on 5-8 May 2019 in Auckland,
New Zealand. The exciting and thought-provoking programme, consisting of plenary and concurrent sessions
and poster presentations, will explore the theme Enriched Family – Enhanced Care and will showcase the
innovative neonatal care delivered by nurses and experienced by families every day around the globe. For more
information go to their website.
Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing has launched a new book, entitled, The Healthcare
Executive’s Guide to Navigating the Surgical Suite: A Roadmap to the OR and Perioperative Services. The book,
which is available here, provides experienced and novice healthcare leaders with the information, leadership
structures, and practical strategies needed to successfully oversee both patient outcomes and balance sheets. It
us the first book that provides healthcare executives with a comprehensive overview of the competitive landscape
and unique market forces influencing and impacting surgical service specialties.
Student News
Erica Burton and the ICN student intern Julian Valdell have been working with a member of the Congress
planning team from the Singapore Nurses’ Association to plan for the Student Assembly at Congress 2019.
ICN has had an excellent response rate to the questionnaire sent out to students last month and the responses
are being used to tailor the programme to meet the needs of nursing students worldwide.
Visitors to ICN HQ
ICN was pleased to welcome to ICN headquarters in November, Dr Melanie Rogers and Dr Daniela Lehwaldt, of
the ICN NP/APN Network, and Prof Didier Pittet – Director Infection Control Programme & WHO Collaborating
Centre on Patient Safety and GAPIC Chairman with Marianne Kremer and Ermira Tartari of GAPIC. We also had
a visit from President Annette Kennedy for two days in November.
1. Send us the translation of the ICN logo text and we will send you the translated logo in return.
2. Sign the KNA petition to nominate Marianne and Margaritha for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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