2018 IFPN September News
Posted: Thu, Sep 6th 2018 at 05:30:13
IFPN September 2018 News
·       Congratulations  to our 2018-2019 IFPN Ambassadors Kate Woodhead  (Africia)  , Ruth Melville (Asia Pacific)   and Mary Jo Steiert  (South America),  who have been appointed as  to assist IFPN  in  supporting Perioperative Nursing across the globe
·       Skype meeting  of Board and Ambassadors is being planned  for late September/Early October  so you will be contacted soon
·       2020  IFPN Board meeting will be held  in Sydney May 2020,  see events  site
·       ICN  have responding to Mona’s  IFPN letter of Introduction, WHO and G4 Alliance  in draft
·       Thank you for  editorials  for  website, some slight issues  but  we  are getting there  in getting this  streamlined.
·        Awaiting  response  from Brail and China  re  their membership  dues (to be discussed at electronic board meet)
·        Website  revamp     hopefully will commence  late 2018 (to be discussed at electronic board meet)
·       Thankyou for  feedback on introduction pack,  completed version will be  on website members  section soon
·        Patrick has nearly completed the  constitution now that  the  financial banking section  has  been sorted (to be discussed at electronic board meet)
·         ICSP letter and response (to be discussed at electronic board meet)
SBird Secretary IFPN
6th September 2018

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