IFPN July 2018 News
Posted: Wed, Jul 4th 2018 at 18:29:38
July 2018 IFPN News
Executive Team meet  for the first time  via eboard   10th June 2018
  • Work still being undertaken  to  improve   Website
  • Letters sent to ICN  and ICSP   introducing 2018-2021  Team  
  • Expressions of interest  for 2020 meet  called for.  Tender document also  reviewed,  awaiting  applications to be submitted
  • Ambassador   application paperwork reviewed   and sent out to several interested parties
  • President and Treasurer to meet at 2018 AfPP  Conferene  and sort banking details  out 
  • Annual membership count in progress
Reminder   member country news  please send so  I can upload to Website
Sarah Bird  IFPN Secretary 5th July 2018

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