President's Message

May 2016
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As the IFPN President 2015-2018 I wish all perioperative nurses throughout the world greetings. The International Federation of Perioperative Nurses (IFPN) as we all know is a global organization dedicated to actively promoting perioperative nursing and it is my honour to represent IFPN across the world, one of the largest speciality nursing organisations.

United as Perioperative nurses we can continue to share our expertise and knowledge for improvement and excellence within the perioperative setting. Our contribution from this perspective is important to each patient we care for, making a difference in their lives on a daily basis with the skills and a sense of empathy for our patients undergoing surgery. We are also an important part of a multi-disciplinary team working in collaboration to provide the excellence in perioperative care anywhere in the worldwide health care systems that we work.

This vision is what secures the future success of IFPN as a worldwide network, as without IFPN we cannot ensure we are working towards globally improving perioperative patient care. IFPN must focus on this vision by collaborating with our member associations ensuring a culture of transparency and trust. It is also at this level that you realize that language is no barrier to perioperative nursing; we all face the same challenges worldwide regardless of the country we live in.We must continue to strengthen our networking both in developing our organization and in the contribution and exchange of knowledge at an international level. This knowledge is based on our core business to "promote safe surgery and evidence- based best practice standards, through research and education in collaboration with member organizations and other relevant collaborators."

Ruth Melville
IFPN President 2015-2018