President's Message

June 2018
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I am delighted to start this journey with you as incoming International Federation of Perioperative Nursing (IFPN) President. I want first of all to thank Ruth Melville, Rupinder Khotar and Patrick Voight for the hard work and commitment to their respective roles on the executive board over the past 3 years.

It is my intention to continue the important work of IFPN in support of the international perioperative nursing community.

I am pleased and delighted to introduce the new IFPN executive team, Sarah Bird (ACORN) as Secretary, and Patrick Voight (AORN) as Treasurer. We have already had our first executive meeting this week and are acutely aware of the enormous amount of work that awaits us!

As a team we recognise the importance of continuing and maintaining the established global relationships, together with forging new contacts in order that IFPN can be sustained and successful, in the support and advancement of global perioperative nursing and patient care.

We are also very keen to engage specialist ambassadorial roles to support selected work streams as they present across the nations of the global community, and there are a number of perioperative colleagues who have already registered their interest in this mission. If you are keen to know more, please contact myself, Sarah or Patrick and we will ensure that you receive the appropriate information.

Overall, IFPN needs to build on a foundation that facilitates an increase in membership, greater partnership with industry; and explores every potential for mutual learning, sharing expertise and experience as a primary focus. As a network of nations we as the leaders of associations in the world of perioperative nursing, have the capacity to shape, advance, influence and learn from each other, which will ultimately best serve our patients and advance our profession.

There is an opportunity for IFPN to grow with a purpose of providing a more extensive connection for education support, in particular to those areas of the world challenged on resource. I see this as a clear professional, ethical and economic responsibility incumbent on our leadership. As an international community, my vision is collective engagement to offer technically and perioperatively advanced support, to assist the less financially privileged economies. I am always interested in your ideas and suggestions for how this can be taken forward.

IFPN is regarded as the umbrella network that unites the global perioperative nursing community. We work on behalf of the member organisations to ensure that the nursing voice is made, exerting international strategic influence and exchange through peer-to-peer professional support. The Federation has an affiliate relationship with the International Council of Nursing (ICN) and is recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as an authoritative voice on perioperative and surgical practice and other nursing matters.

In the changing and challenging healthcare landscape of the 21st-century, it has never been more important for member countries to have the opportunity to share collectively and develop a workable plan to ensure the needs of each perioperative organisation are catered for, and the voice of the international perioperative community is registered and heard at the top strategic levels.

My friends and colleagues, collectively, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience that form the backbone of the organisation. These relationships are crucial to IFPN , and need to be maintained, developed and extended to ensure that our vision and strategy remains dynamic and current; and to be positioned at all times and in all situations to respond to national and international issues as they arise.

IFPN provides the platform for member nations to showcase their professional associations work and influence the worldwide perioperative agenda, and to this end, it is imperative that you provide any relevant information, directly to the executive board, so that it can be shared globally. There is much work already in progress to overhaul the website so that it can be better utilised for its intended purpose and for the benefit of its members.

I want to assure you of my continued ambition and commitment to continuity with the excellent work that has been provided by previous presidents, executives and board members of IFPN.

By no means least, but in conclusion, I must acknowledge the importance of the patient at the centre of every activity and strategy, which can never be forgotten. It is my strongly held belief that and as long as we keep the perioperative patient at the forefront of every decision and every action, then the future of IFPN will be promoted, enhanced and secured.

It is my clear ambition as your president to ensure continuity with the excellent work that has been provided by previous boards and past leaders, using and working with their 'Organisational Memory', to engage actively and work closely with the ICN and the WHO.

In terms of current working with developing nations, together with my UK colleague Minija and a small local team in India, we have laid some firm groundwork over the past number of years, and I am both apprehensive and pleased to announce that the Indian Association of Registered Perioperative Nurses (IAoRPN) will be launched in Chennai in February 2019. It is my dream that this new association will become part of IFPN. I promise to keep you posted on all developments going forward.

The last word goes to the UK Association for Perioperative Practice (AfPP) whose unwavering and constant support can never be underestimated, in enabling me to take on and sustain the responsibility of IFPN president. I am grateful to AfPP and to all of you my international colleagues for your friendship, support and confidence. I will endeavour to be ever supportive in our global mission going forward.

With my very best wishes,
Mona Guckian Fisher,
Registered Nurse RGN, LLM, BSc (HONS), OHND, Dip.HSWW, CMIOSH, Dip.Periop Nursing, Dip.Couns.