President's Message Archive

May 2016

As the IFPN President 2015-2018 I wish all perioperative nurses throughout the world greetings. The International Federation of Perioperative Nurses (IFPN) as we all know is a global organization dedicated to actively promoting perioperative nursing and it is my honour to represent IFPN across the world, one of the largest speciality nursing organisations.

United as Perioperative nurses we can continue to share our expertise and knowledge for improvement and excellence within the perioperative setting. Our contribution from this perspective is important to each patient we care for, making a difference in their lives on a daily basis with the skills and a sense of empathy for our patients undergoing surgery. We are also an important part of a multi-disciplinary team working in collaboration to provide the excellence in perioperative care anywhere in the worldwide health care systems that we work.

This vision is what secures the future success of IFPN as a worldwide network, as without IFPN we cannot ensure we are working towards globally improving perioperative patient care. IFPN must focus on this vision by collaborating with our member associations ensuring a culture of transparency and trust. It is also at this level that you realize that language is no barrier to perioperative nursing; we all face the same challenges worldwide regardless of the country we live in.We must continue to strengthen our networking both in developing our organization and in the contribution and exchange of knowledge at an international level. This knowledge is based on our core business to "promote safe surgery and evidence- based best practice standards, through research and education in collaboration with member organizations and other relevant collaborators."

Ruth Melville
IFPN President 2015-2018

Uppsala, Sweden 13th of April 2015

Honorable International Perioperative Colleagues,

The time goes very quickly for all of us, that feeling we do share when occupied in different professional/ family/ life tasks within our lives. It was a while ago we presented an IFPN Newsletter; but here it comes! The reason for not deliver, after the last one in October of 2013, is that IFPN has been without a web master from November 2013. In last October (2014) our colleague Ms. Fiona Unac, Chair of PNC, New Zealand, has undertaken the task as IFPN web master and began the work with the IFPN newsletter, which I deeply thank her for this. During the period of November 2013 until present time Ms. Bonnie McLeod, IFPN Secretary has been an interim webmaster.

IFPN has continued in making efforts for developing the federation; making the bonds between the member associations stronger, opened up to collaboration with both old as new partners and other perioperative nurses associations around our globe. Many colleagues I have met during my presidency have expressed the desire in coming together and collaborate equally, in respect to each other for the best development of our profession and our organizations.

I wish to show up some of the IFPN activities that have been taken place during 2014/2015 such as:

  • Informal urgent IFPN meeting 29th of March 2014 in Chicago which took place in the 3M international lounge at the AORN conference event. A new Nomination Committee/NC was proposed/decided to start the voting procedure for the next Executives; Chair of the NC as agreed: Sue Lord/ President of AfPP as the two NC/members Ms. Rupinder Khotar/President of ORNAC and Ruth Melville/ President of ACORN.
  • At AORN; Chicago, 29th - 31st March 2014, I was invited speaker- representing IFPN, at the 5th Annual International Summit, with the theme "Perioperative Innovations Unite a Global community".
  • Attended at EORNA Board meeting in Stockholm, Sweden, on the 9th of May 2014 invited by Caroline Higgins,EORNA President to present IFPN activities from April 2012(Lisbon meeting) to present time.
  • Contact with the Global Infection Control study group, OASIS (previous name ISIS) attended their conference on 3rd -4th June 2014 in Vienna, Austria. Leading WHO officers as Dr. Didier Pitet and Dr/Professor Benedetta Alegranzi as others from Europe, USA and Africa region were speaking on infection control globally and how we could collaborate internationally in achieving global goals on this topic.
  • Attended the AfPP 50th anniversary in York 15th-17th of August 2014.
  • IFPN informal gathering on the 16th of August with those of IFPN Board members who were attending the AfPP celebrations.
  • Attended as key note speaker at the ASIORNA conference on, 9th -11th of October 2014 taken place in Fukuoka, Japan.
  • Formal IFPN Board meeting in Queenstown, NZ, 16th of October 2014, hosted by Ms. Fiona Unac President of PNC.
  • Voting results was presented by Ms. Sue Lord, AfPP President and Chair of NC; Mr. Patrick Voight /Ambassador/AORN as IFPN Treasurer, Ms. Ruth Melville, Australia/ACORN, as IFPN President elect and Ms. Rupinder Khotar, Canada/ORNAC, as incoming IFPN Secretary. The transition/handover for President and Secretary Positions will take place in 10th of May 2015, Rome, Italy. The Treasurer position takes place immediately after the Formal Board meeting in Queenstown.
  • New member was voted at Formal Board meeting in Queenstown: GORNA- GREECE, welcome to IFPN!
  • Showed interest of membership from: GHANA, CHINA and SINGAPORE.
  • Attended at SEORNA (Swedish Operating Room Nurses Association) 50th anniversary invited in presenting IFPN, 27th of November 2014, Stockholm, SWEDEN.
  • Informal IFPN gathering 8th of March 2015 in conjunction to AORN congress in Denver, USA, generously hosted by AORN/Ms. Victoria Steelman, AORN President.
  • Attended Singaporean OR Nurses annual conference as invited keynote speaker by Ms. Jessica Leong, Chairperson of SINGAPOREAN OR Nurse Chapter, 21st of March 2015 in Singapore.

On behalf of IFPN and Executives I wish to extend our thanks to all colleagues of IFPN and all partners for the grate collaboration we have had during the past time; special gratitude towards the PNZ colleagues for the huge welcoming in Queenstown, NZ, where we were welcomed in a special traditional way in accordance with the Maori culture. Such a fantastic experience; thank you all!

A grate Thank you also to AORN; for hosting our informal meeting in March 2015.

My gratitude also to the colleagues of ASIORNA, JONA, KAORN, the ORN Chapter of SINGAPORE and the Committee of Perioperative Operating Room Nurses of CHINA for the networking we have had and the willingness you showed in coming together with IFPN. Together we can build our professions future and the perioperative nursing care for patients undergoing surgery; wherever in the world we are. Every single patient deserves best of care and we can make the difference for those patients with our knowledge, compassion, professionalism and willingness to care and to share.

Dear International Colleagues, my time as IFPN President comes to its end when the handover takes place in next meeting on 10th of May 2015. I have learned so many things from you all. I learned even more about how organizations are build and how procedures looks like depending where in the world they take place, but mostly I have learned more about how we humans can come together, sharing experience and knowledge and that feeling of togetherness makes the difference for all of us…there is our success, our strength and our joy!

My gratitude to you all for opening your doors and windows towards IFPN and me, inviting to share a task, a moment, an idea…a vision and a dream about future best perioperative nursing and care!

I always will honor the time in IFPN and the grate leaders and colleagues I did met and worked with. A huge Thank You All and hope to meet somewhere sometime!

A special THANK YOU to my closest collaborator; IFPN Secretary Ms. Bonnie McLeod, we made it together; pulling our strengths jointly for the best interest of IFPN and our profession. I feel very proud of what I learned from you!

My best wishes to the next IFPN Executive group and all future Board Members!

Sincerely Yours,
Irini Antoniadou
IFPN President (April 2012- May 2015)

Together with Ms. Sue Lord, AfPP President, August 2014, York, UK

Together with Leaders/Presidents at the Leaders Forum 9th of October 2014, Fukuoka, Japan. Leaders/Presidents from Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Singapore and Norway.

Together with President Ms,Guo Li and Ms. Chen Xiaomin Vice President of Committee of Perii-Operative Room Nurses of Chinese Nursing Association, October 2014/Fukuoka, Japan

Closing Ceremony at ASIORNA Conference, October 2014, Fukuoka, Japan. Ms KeSook Young, outgoing ASIORNA President (with flowers in her hands), Ms.Salya Paikemsirimongkol ASIORNA incoming President (to the left) and Ms. Kyoko Kikuchi(to the right), JONA President amongst other ASIORNA Board members.

Ms. Fiona Unac, Chair of PNC and IFPN President Ms. Irini Antoniadou, 17th of October 2014, New Zealand.

Together with Ms. Phyllis Davies, IFPN Ambasador and Ms.Eunice Laim, President of Papua New Guinea 17th October 2014, Queenstown, New Zealand

Ms. Bonnie McLeod IFPN Secretary, Ms. Rupinder Khotar ORNAC President and Ms.Irini Antoniadou IFPN President, 17th of October 2014, Queenstown, New Zealand.

Colleagues at PNC Annual Conference, October 2014, Queenstown, New Zealand

Together with International Colleagues at International Summit/ AORN, 7th of March 2015, Denver, USA.

Together with Colleagues of Singaporean OR Nurses Chapter, March 2015, Singapore.

From 2012

Dear Colleagues and Partners,

It is with great pleasure I welcome you to the website of IFPN, which will undergo essential reconstruction in the near future.

Initially, I wish to thank all member-associations who nominated me and voted for me to undertake this amazing task for IFPN. I feel really honored and grateful having this opportunity to serve perioperative nursing through the international voice that IFPN is. I will do my best to visualize and achieve IFPN goals worldwide together with members, relevant organizations and partners. Let us join strengths, expertise and visions for better future in the field of perioperative care. Let us together develop and create future options for perioperative nurses in their care for the patients undergoing surgery.

Yours sincerely,
Irini Antoniadou
IFPN President (2012-2015)