About the International Federation of Perioperative Nurses, IFPN

Welcome to IFPN. Our organisation is young and dynamic and works hard to fulfil the objectives, the strategic aims, and the current work in progress.

Newsletters are produced for the website regularly, to keep members up to date with activities.

We have 12 members representing approximately 80,000 perioperative nurses around the world, and we are actively introducing potential new members to the benefits of membership.

If you are wishing to join the membership you will want to know the following:

  • IFPN guidelines and position statements are available to download from the site - presently under review by the member associations
  • The affiliation of IFPN to the International Council of Nurses ICN, provides a link and a stream of monthly information from ICN on international activities and nursing issues forming policy and influencing the World Health Organization, WHO agendas.
  • IFPN is the only Perioperative nursing voice at ICN
  • Membership categories are full membership and pre-membership status